Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Many many thanks Hazel for your understanding, valued experience and support, and most of all your patience and listening skills. You are so appreciated. I feel I’ve come a long way. I know I have some work to do but with what we have done, I know I can do this in time.”

The Internet and Mental Health

The Internet can often have a negative impact on emotional distress. For example, looking up physical health symptoms can make us think that we have something catastrophic, triggering heightened anxiety; asking for reassurance on forums can lead to us getting too many different perspectives leaving us feeling overwhelmed; comparing our lives to others on social media sites can often lead to feelings of inadequacy. The Internet can also be a potential source for bullying and harassment.

The Internet isn’t all bad though. There are lots of self-help sites, blogs and video clips that can be inspirational and that offer practical steps to help with managing distress. I have listed a few here but please feel free to comment and add any others that you have found helpful:

“Everything is as it should be. I felt this phrase would sum up my progress during the past six months. Thank you for taking me on this journey, which I now realise I could not have done alone. Thank you for encouraging me to overcome my doubts, for listening and understanding, and for helping me to find something which I thought was lost. It seems like an ending but I know it’s just a new beginning.”

“Thank you for helping me to understand myself and learn how to think more clearly. Most importantly helping me see I am special and deserve to be loved and have my needs met. You have given me a great gift, that of self worth, which I can build on now and throughout my future.”